Best Way to Add a blog in Carrd

Best Way to Add a Blog in Carrd

A common issue with Carrd is the lack of a built-in blog feature. However, there is a solution that allows for the addition of a blog smoothly and seamlessly.

First, let’s look at why it’s a problem not having a blog on Carrd. Businesses or product founders who build their site on Carrd cannot include easily company updates or show their build progress. (it’s possible by adding a subpage under the button but it’s a lot of hustle ) It makes their site very static.

Lack of SEO

One thing you can’t do easily on Carrd is building a content website. There’s no way of dynamically updating or adding content or managing it on the site. This means you can’t keep adding content for SEO purposes without a lot of work.

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I’ve recently added a blog with a new blogging tool called Blogstatic. It’s very easy to use and makes the writing workflow much simpler.

adding a Blogstatic blog to Carrd

There are three choices for adding a Blogstatic blog to Carrd. You can use it on a premium domain or free subdomain in Blogstatic. In this post, I will focus on the first option.

If you are using a premium domain you can either use a subdomain (e.g or a subdirectory/subfolder (e.g. The subdomain route is nice and neat as a company blog and is easy to set up.

However, you don’t get the SEO benefit on your main domain. Google sees subdomains as separate sites, so only the subdomain would rank.

To get the SEO benefit, use the subdirectory route. It’s a little more involved to set up, but nothing too complicated. If you need help, the founder of Blogstatic is very helpful and quick to respond.

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Another tip is to get the navigation working correctly on both Blogstatic and your Carrd site so that the switch between the site and blog is virtually seamless. You can see it in action on

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