Graphics and photos are the basis of a good website, so today I am putting you a list of places where you can find free photos to be used in creating websites.

In the article "It will come in handy" you will also find tools that will help you in editing graphics on the website. 

Free image banks for your website


This is my favorite platform because of the variety of graphics. On Freepik you can find photos, vectors, icons, and even PSD files. Unfortunately, it is necessary to assign authorship. 


A great, free image bank with a search engine, just enter the password you are interested in to receive dozens of free photos tailored to the search topic, of decent quality. 


Amazing photos, good quality, and quite a selection. You can view photos directly from the home page or use the search engine. 


The site is not very clear because of the advertisements, but the photos are very good. The website has a search engine, and on the left side, we have a list of categories. 


Free food pictures, high definition, and great quality. 

Stock tookapic

The website contains both free and paid photos, to display only free ones, choose the setting: filter-free. 

Very interesting and good-quality photos, unique, extraordinary, artistic photos: 

1. Magdeleine

Unique and interesting photographs in a slightly artistic version. It's definitely worth a look.

2. Unsplash

Unusual photos, unfortunately not a very clear interface, but there is a search engine. 


Good photos, although sometimes too much filtered for me. The site has a search engine, it is clear and you can find real "raisins" here. 

Life of pix

56 pages with great free photos. Photographs are available for personal and commercial use. 

Dont Earse

Collection of free photos on various topics under the CC0 license, browsing is facilitated by a convenient gallery and division into categories. 

Little Visuals

Very beautiful photos and a sad story ... The site contains 7 pages with free photos, unfortunately, the collection will not be enlarged due to the death of the author, 26 years old Nico. The family shares photos under the CC0 license. 


The site contains a collection of high-quality photos on various topics. Getrefe is distinguished by a large number of photos related to technology. 


A collection of funny, inviting photos for any use. Great quality photos, convenient interface, and categories.


To view free photos, you need to rewrite the code from the picture, but I can assure you that it is really worth overcoming this minor difficulty. 14 pages with amazing photos to see.


One of my favorite banks… Contains truly atmospheric photos, in great numbers, divided into categories. 

Best Stock Photo Free

Bank of free photos under various licenses. Search engine and categories for ease of use. 


High-quality travel photos, not many, but you can find something interesting here. 


Lots of creative photos, lots of vivid colors, clear browsing, and clear categories. Another favorite of mine ... 

New Old Stock

The bank contains archival photos from public domains. Lots of black and white photos, lots of curiosities ...

Snapwire Snaps

Phenomenal photos for any use,  new photos every week. 

Negative Space

Highest quality photos of various subjects, all under CC0 license. Transparent page with a search engine.

Free graphics for website:


The site contains free icons in various formats 


Free icon packs. The collection can be viewed directly from the home page, we also have a browser, and you can also search for icons by color.


a collection of free graphics, you can choose from vectors, photos, fonts, icons, backgrounds, brushes, and many more. 


300.000+ free SVG Vectors and Icons 


Large collection of free open-source drawings

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