If you are a small business owner or blogger looking to build or redesign your business site, then the question of Carrd vs WordPress has likely come up.

If you want to know my opinion without reading the article here it is; Carrd is a better platform for web design than WordPress for a number of reasons. And here's why...

1. Carrd is an all-in-one platform

WordPress requires the use of a number of plugins to get the same functionality that is built into Webflow.

Carrd is an all-in-one platform that lets you create and host beautiful websites without any code or design experience. Everything is drag-and-drop, so you can put together your site exactly how you want it. Despite of many opinions, there are no limits to what you can create with Carrd.

 You can use Carrd to create a portfolio, sell products, or even host a blog as I do.

2. Carrd is easier to use than WordPress

WordPress is more difficult to use for beginners and can be confusing for those not familiar with coding.

Carrd is a newer platform that was created in 2016. It is a visual platform that allows anyone to create and design their own website without any coding required. WordPress is an older platform that was created in 2003. It is a coding platform that requires knowledge of coding in order to create a website.

3. Carrd is more user-friendly

The user interface is simpler and more organized than WordPress.

Carrd is a user interface design platform that allows you to create and design your own websites without having to write a single line of code. It’s simple and organized, making it more user-friendly than WordPress.

4. Carrd is more reliable

WordPress is known to be less reliable than other platforms and has a history of being hacked.

In a study by Sucuri, it was found that in the first six months of 2018, WordPress was the platform that was most commonly hacked.

This is because WordPress is an open-source platform, which means that it is constantly being updated and improved by a community of developers. However, this also makes it more vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Carrd, on the other hand, is a closed-source platform. This means that it is not constantly being updated and improved by a community of developers, but it is instead being developed and maintained by a team of experts at Carrd. 

This makes it a more reliable platform and less likely to be hacked.

5. Carrd offers more design flexibility

WordPress is not as versatile as Carrd when it comes to design.

6. Carrd is better for creating responsive websites

WordPress does not always create Responsive websites which can be problematic for those viewing the website on a mobile device.

When it comes to creating responsive websites, Carrd is a better option than WordPress. Although WordPress is a popular platform, it does not always create responsive websites.

This can be a problem for those viewing the website on a mobile device. My clients were often complaining that their WordPress website suddenly stopped working properly on mobile devices.

Carrd is a platform that was specifically designed for creating responsive websites. It allows you to create websites using a visual editor, which makes it easier to create a website that looks great on all devices. Additionally, Carrd allows creating websites, even on your smartphone!

7. Carrd is faster

WordPress can be slow when loading pages.

Carrd is touted as a faster WordPress alternative because it is a code-free platform. This means that you don't need to worry about complex coding when creating your website. Because of this, pages tend to load more quickly on Carrd.

However, WordPress still has its advantages. One of the main benefits of WordPress is that it is a hugely popular platform with a huge ecosystem of plugins and themes. This means that you can find almost any functionality or design you need for your website.

In the end, it comes down to what you need and what you are comfortable with. If you are happy with WordPress and don't mind if pages load a little more slowly, then that is the platform for you. 

However, if you want a faster website and don't mind little learning, then Carrd may be the better option for you.

8. Carrd offers more features out of the box

WordPress does not have as many features as Carrd.

Carrd offers more features than WordPress. For example, Carrd has a ready-made integration with lots of mailing systems or payment methods like Stripe or Gumroad.  WordPress does not have these features.


WordPress is a great platform for creating websites for someone who doesn't mind learning a lot, has more time for site optimization, maintaining and wants more freedom about where to have a website (server) .

If you prefer simplicity, with its easy-to-use interface and wide range of features, Carrd is perfect for anyone who wants to create a beautiful and professional website.